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Did you know that a group of rhinos is actually called a crash? It seems fitting considering rhinos are known to be some of the sturdiest animals on earth. With thick skin, they’re armored like tanks. Inspired by such resilient animals, Affordable Quarters is excited to introduce to you, the RhinoCrashPods™.

So what is a RhinoCrashPod?

Like other shipping containers, RhinoCrashPods are the 8x20 High Cube version and can withstand harsh conditions no matter where you are. Yes, and at only 160sq feet total living space, you will be amazed at the possibilities. Unlike tiny homes, however, they’re not built on wheels yet can be transported easily. In addition, they can be bolted to the ground so you can be sure no one is going to take off with your new home. But what really makes these particular containers unique, is their specific adaptability for what we call “destination areas.”

What do I get?

  • A "basic building block" you can make your own!
  • 8x20HC (High Cube is 9-1/2 feet tall) ISO Shipping Container (Note, with the lack of supply, we are cutting 8x40HC boxes in half to make the 8x20HC)
  • 4 cut-outs for windows
  • 1 cut-out for standard size "outside" door
  • Framed and Insulated on four sides
  • Roof insulated on the inside
  • Floor insulated on the outside
  • No "Ups or Extras" are included in the base price
  • FOB Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050

Includes a Tesla Powerwall!

Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for Completion from the date of order.

Questions before you buy? 

Call or Text: 740.462.7544


The Calf or "base" Model is a bare-bones box you complete yourself.

"Battery Included" Model is also a bare-bones box but includes a Tesla Powerwall that must be installed by a electrician certified by Tesla.

Thanks to Amy Kunkle for a great floor plan example.

RhinoCrashPods and AffordableQuarters are trademarks of Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey.