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This is a Corten Steel Dry Shipping Container... 

The Perfect Corner Stone for your Dream Home!

The good news: We can help you find the best value for your project in as little as 48 hours. Yes, it may take two or three weeks to get it to your site or our Fabrication "Top Shop" yet we go to work finding it almost immediately with just a $100 Deposit.

The bad news: Prices have gone CRAZY high with the Supply Chain disaster that is plaguing the whole wide world at this moment. Bottom line, there are not enough containers available. Or not in the places where they are needed the most.

So we understand perfectly when you say you want to help look for the perfect building block. And if you find a better value we will instantly refund your deposit. However, there has been a 300% increase in price in the last year. In fact, many suppliers hit us with a $1000 increase for the top-of-the-line 8x40HC "New" ISO Certified Shipping Containers on Monday, 23AUG2021. #OUCH!


When you are ready to cut to the chase, we can help.

This is a $100 advance deposit.

Questions: Call or Text our HOTLINE: 740.462.7544

P.S. At the end of August 2021 we are seeing pricing in the $5300 to $5800 range for an 8x40HC WWT and over $8400 for a 1-Trip.


Once a suitable Container is found, the balance is due in advance in order to acquire the unit. Refunds are only processed after the unit is at your site or our fab shop and you are not happy with the product. There is an $800 restocking fee if you do not want the Container. This covers any fees for handling and storage until a new buyer is located.

No refunds will be made if ANY modifications are performed by the customer or their representatives. No refunds if the unit has been damaged after our delivery.