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Do you have cool goods and/or services our customers should know about? 

Third Party Agreements (TPAs) with individuals or business entities that are considered of "like mind" and seek to serve those same do-it-yourselves (DIYers) as AffordableQuarters are encourage to apply to sell appropriate goods and services via our website.

$100 Application Fee (with 100% Money-back Guarantee) if your application is rejected.

Our fee for any such activities will be determined by individual negotiation, but it should be assumed that we will never seek more than 5% of the selling price. In other words, if you have a product or service that sells for $1000 and you offer a discount of 15% to our customers then our fee would be no more that 5% of the 85% selling price. Or no more than $4.25 in this case.

For additional information or to join our TPA Program, please contact Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey:

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