Vinyl Flooring: A Great Choice For Your RhinoCrashPod

Vinyl Flooring: A Great Choice For Your RhinoCrashPod

By Lea Rose Allbaugh

If you’re new to the DIY scene or just looking to choose efficient, affordable, and easy-to-install flooring for your new shipping container home, look no further than vinyl. So, what is vinyl, and why is it such a popular choice?

1. What is vinyl?

Vinyl is a type of flooring made from PVC chips (polyvinyl chloride). These synthetic layers are compressed together at high heat and pressure. This creates a durable, waterproof, and flexible material that can be customized to mimic materials like wood, tile, or stone.

2. Easy Installation

One of the best parts of vinyl is its easy installation process. This is especially great for DIYers and beginners. Vinyl flooring is usually assembled by locking and clicking different pieces or planks together. Compared to wood, carpet, or other flooring, this can save hours, especially when you might be depending on floor installation in order to get started on other home projects.

3. Affordability

Because vinyl flooring is made synthetically, it comes with a cheaper price tag. This doesn’t mean that you’re settling on design and durability, though. Manufacturing vinyl has become an advanced process that’s churning out amazing results. From the look to the feel, many people have a hard time telling the difference between it and the materials it’s trying to replicate. What does this mean? You get the look without the high price tag.

Sheets and rolls of vinyl can cost anywhere from $.50 per square foot to $10 per square foot, this leaves you a lot of room to pick an option that’s best for you and your lifestyle. Between durability, design, and cheap costs, vinyl is perfect for keeping your AffordableQuarters home, affordable.

4. Comfort Factor

Just because vinyl is a synthetic material, that doesn’t mean it lacks in comfort. In fact, one of its best qualities is its comfort throughout the year, especially as temperatures change. Many vinyl flooring options come with additional layers, specifically made to keep the floor from getting too cold like tile or stone. This is perfect for anyone wanting to live more remotely or in colder regions. Most vinyl flooring is also laid over sheets of plywood, providing you with a smooth base layer and additional padding. And like wood, vinyl has a bit of “bounce” to it, making it comfortable to walk on barefoot.

5. Durability 

If installed well and properly maintained, vinyl can last a lifetime. This flooring is typically treated with a top coating that makes it especially resistant to scratches and stains. Vinyl is also totally water resistant. If you’re looking to install vinyl planks or pieces, however, just make sure they’re sealed together well to prevent any leakage through the seams. Overall, vinyl is a great option for families or people who want their floors to really be able to withstand some wear and tear.

6. Environmental Concerns

For those who are especially concerned with the environmental impact of building a new home, know that vinyl is totally recyclable. And because it’s so durable, you’re less likely to have to replace it. For more information, definitely check out where you’re getting your vinyl from. If a manufacturer is really committed to being sustainable and environmentally friendly, their production chain and transparency should reflect this. 

All in all, vinyl is a great option for overall durability and style. It’s suited for any room in your home—from the living room, to the bedroom, to the bathroom. Its versatility is what makes it so popular among shipping container homeowners. If you’re looking for an all-in-one, affordable flooring option, you may have found your answer. 


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