Unique Advantages

Unique Advantages

”We Do The Hard Parts!”

All Dream Homes share one elegant but simple trait: the Owner loves it.

Regardless the budget. What if you could build a quaint one bedroom house for just $45,000 and 90 days of sweat equity?

How dreamy would that be?

Our RhinoCrashPods start at just $25K for a studio unit that you complete. Our DIY Care Package assures you have over 140 years of experience at the drop of a hat via phone, text, or email. Six days a week.

Up to 90 days after the shipping container arrives at your home site.

With the openings for the door(s) and windows cut, framed on the inside in metal with conduit and electrical boxes, and properly insulated.

What are you waiting for, your Dream Home is now within reach.

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