Thirty Steps to Build The Perfect House

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Thirty Steps to Build The Perfect House


What if there were 30 steps that would help you understand the task ahead? While you may appreciate the fact that your Dream House is not going to "build itself" — you may not really know where to start the process.

Enter The List!

Here is a look at one of the items that are very important (dare we say critical!) to a successful build:

#6 Site Preparation Overview

Yes, local building codes are your friend! Ask your local building department (or your contractor friend) what the local foundation requirements are in your State, County, and Township. If you are building in a town or city, expect delays. Weeks of delays are not uncommon based on various permits that are necessary. A build in Arizona is very different than one in Maine. In Northeast Ohio, in gardening terms, it's Zone 6a and it's 36 inches to get below the frost line. Minimum for me would be: a) excavate 8 inches; b) fill with stone; c) add 10”x 4' concrete pilistars (Quick-Tubes & Quickcrete) at the four corners. Finally, have all your underground utilities roughed in (a very tricky thing to accomplish) and ready for the arrival of your core container(s).

You get the idea, right? 

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