RhinoCrashPods vs. Airbnb

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RhinoCrashPods vs. Airbnb

By Lea Rose Allbaugh

If you’ve been following along with our blog, you’re probably familiar with a couple of things that float our collective boats: RhinoCrashPods and shipping containers as Airbnbs. 

What if I told you that put together, these 8x20 feet cubes (or the Grandé versions at 8x40 feet) can be used as versatile income generators through Airbnb? This combination presents a unique and niche opportunity for something like group travel. 

Trends show that there is a demand for specialized and experiential approaches to travel, especially amongst younger generations. Now more than ever, travelers are seeking out experiences that are immersive and “off the beaten path” as opposed to vacations that are more touristic and surface level. Travelers want experiences that resonate with them. And often, this is a style of travel that motivates like-minded individuals to travel together

Like we mentioned in our latest blog post, RhinoCrashPods are a perfect option for “destination areas.” They can be placed anywhere and assembled into almost any architectural style. The endless possibilities for these shipping container homes are sure to satisfy travelers looking for out-of-the-box accommodations. Staying somewhere unique like a shipping container home is memorable, and more likely to enhance travelers’ overall experience, rather than simply serving as a place to stay. 

Overall, “off the beaten path” travel and RhinoCrashPods are a perfect match when it comes to renting out homes to travelers. Large groups require more than just a place to sleep, and finding the right place can be difficult, especially when a trip has a specific purpose; for example, family reunions, retreats, workshops, etc. For this reason, travelers are willing to pay up so their accommodations meet their travel goals, too. 

Whether you design your Airbnb rental as a large family home or arrange shipping containers in the style of a campus, it’s sure to be something unique that brings in additional income. Today’s travel is changing, and RhinoCrashPods offered as Airbnbs offer an adaptable yet amazing solution. 

RhinoCrashPods is a trademark of Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey.