Rhino Crash Pods

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Rhino Crash Pods


By Lea Rose Allbaugh

Did you know that a group of rhinos is actually called a crash? It seems fitting considering rhinos are known to be some of the sturdiest animals on earth. With thick skin, they’re armored like tanks. Inspired by such resilient animals, Affordable Quarters is excited to introduce to you, the RhinoCrashPods™.

So what is a RhinoCrashPod?

Like other shipping containers, RhinoCrashPods are the 8x20 High Cube version and can withstand harsh conditions no matter where you are. Yes, and at only 160sq feet total living space, you will be amazed at the possibilities. Unlike tiny homes, however, they’re not built on wheels yet can be transported easily. In addition, they can be bolted to the ground so you can be sure no one is going to take off with your new home. But what really makes these particular containers unique, is their specific adaptability for what we call “destination areas.”

Think oceanfront or campground, golf course, or desert. If you’re looking for a secure family home on the beach, RhinoCrashPods can be transported for a prolonged summer stay and then transported home with you. Or, it can be left in your chosen location—bolted and secure—until you’re ready to come back. 

Another way to utilize these pods is to arrange them in the style of a campus. Think about camps or retreats that take place in unique, niche-specific locations. This could include anything from a group golfing getaway situated next to a golf course or a season-long outdoor setup that’s located by a river or in the heart of a forest. RhinoCrashPods are meant to be easily transported and customized for a locale. 

Affordable Quarters is currently working on several floor plans with an interior similar to a camper or RV. A space like this one would be perfect for two people to still have space for everything they need, including a 30x30 inch shower. Another Affordable Quarters project includes a campus-style setup where four containers will be placed together like a square, leaving a centralized indoor space for people to share. No matter the purpose or place, RhinoCrashPods could be your perfect solution for affordable, secure, and customized housing.


For more information, text “RhinoCrashPods” to (740) 462-7544. 

RhinoCrashPods is a trademark of Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey.