Our DIY Care Package

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Our DIY Care Package

By Lea Rose Allbaugh

When you think of a care package, you probably think of a box filled with things that could make you smile, all customized to who you are and what you love. If you swap out the cardboard box for a shipping container, you get AffordableQuartersDIY Care Package. Although we can’t exactly fill your home like a boxed care package, we can help you turn your shipping container into something to smile about. 

Now that you’ve taken the leap and decided to live in a shipping container home, you probably have some questions. We’re here to help. Besides the phone, text, and email support included in our DIY Care Package (which by the way, is available eight hours a day, six days a week, 50 weeks a year), we offer inclusions that tailor your building experience to your home, and also make you feel confident throughout the process. 

Here are four benefits you get when you choose the DIY Care Package:

  • Buyer’s Protection

  • When it comes to picking out a shipping container, how do you choose the right one? We make it easy with Buyer’s Protection. We work with more than 27 vendors who are reliable and are the mostly likely to have shipping containers in stock. This ensures that you aren’t waiting around for a shipping container that isn’t coming. In addition, we have people on the ground ready to inspect for issues and make sure your shipping container is ready to go. The most important part? We find the best prices out there. Our Buyer’s Protection has everything you need to find the perfect container. 

  • Photos and videos of shipping containers before you buy

  • When you’re making an investment, especially in something like a home, you want to know what your money is going towards. AffordableQuarters™ is here to put you at ease and take the stress out of choosing the right shipping container, especially when you aren’t able to handpick one yourself. Our people on the ground are not only there to inspect shipping containers, but also to send you photos and videos before you buy, so you can be hands-on in the process, too. 

  • Permit Research

  • Every state, county and city has its own set of permits and zoning ordinances to which new buildings must adhere. We understand that figuring all this out can be daunting, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to work out the details. Our Care Package is here to lessen that burden. We take care of researching local regulations for your area so once your container arrives, you aren’t set back by preventable delays. Something as simple as permit research can make the whole experience more seamless. This way, you can spend more time planning what matters: the “look & feel” of your dream home. 

  • Local Recommendations

  • One reason people choose to live in shipping containers is the flexibility these structures allow when it comes to location. Assuming you love where you live, why not use this opportunity to continue supporting the local community? We help you in finding the best tradesmen in your area. Whether its woodworkers, metalworkers, electricians, or plumbers, we want to assist in your research for the right resources to make it all happen. 

    Have more questions? Text “Care Package” to 740.462.7544

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