Housing, Made Affordable.

Housing, Made Affordable.

By Lea Rose Allbaugh

It’s no secret that affordable housing is scarce, if not nonexistent. Nationwide, there is a shortage of homes for millions of low-income families as well as families who are just trying not to break the bank. Affordable Quarters is helping to solve this issue from the ground up, because we believe accessible and affordable housing should be a reality, not just a dream. 

We get that the affordable housing crisis is a complex issue that can’t be fixed overnight. But ISO shipping containers can offer part of the solution. 

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Cost Effectiveness

First of all, shipping containers are ready-built structures. This in itself is a huge money-saver because there aren’t any preliminary labor costs to be accounted for just to bring the structure into existence. Due to the industries these containers are needed for, they are often used only once because shipping back empty containers is costly. This leads to a more readily available supply over something traditional like lumber, which now, is experiencing high shortages. And because shipping containers were built for transportation, moving them to your desired location is less of a hassle and less costly altogether.

2. Easy Construction

Turning a shipping container into a home is a lot like piecing together a puzzle. The container itself can be “constructed” anywhere where materials and resources are available. By doing things like cutting out windows and door frames, and installing inner framework and insulation (which by the way, are all included in the RhinoCrashPod Package) ahead of time, materials and resources don’t need to be transported back and forth, saving time and providing a smooth building process. Once all this work is done, the container can be transported and the rest of the pieces can be assembled on site. Think IKEA furniture but on a housing scale.

3. Maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of shipping container living is the assured durability of these homes. They were meant for harsh environments, meaning you won’t have to worry about taking additional steps to weather proof your home. As long as high quality insulation is installed correctly—which Affordable Quarters takes great care in doing—your shipping container home should stand the test of time no matter the climate.

Affordable Quarters currently has 3 projects underway in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Each of these projects are being built and customized with the utmost quality and care, including one at just $24,990 through our RhinoCrashPods offering.

When all is said and done, these homes are affordable!


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